Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan

CBSE Affiliated : 830103

On 05-06-2024 , our school Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan  celebrated Environment Day and its 24th Founding Day with great enthusiasm and a spirit of community involvement. The event was organized to raise awareness about environmental conservation while commemorating the founding principles of our esteemed institution.
The celebrations was enhanced by cultural performances by students, including dances, songs, and skits that underscored the importance of preserving our environment and honoring our school's legacy.
The highlight of the day was a tree plantation drive held within the school premises.
The day concluded with a renewed commitment from all stakeholders to continue our journey towards a sustainable future, guided by the principles instilled by our founders.



School Celebrated Investiture ceremony on 20th June 2024, it is an event that signifies the formal bestowal of responsibilities upon the newly appointed student council members. It is a momentous occasion where leadership, responsibility, and dedication are celebrated and honored.

The children who stood for school captains and the vice captains were elected by Manually and digitally too.

Before the actual election ,certain criteria were framed ,written test conducted and finally the toppers were chosen as they qualified for the same.  The Principal Ms.Jaya J,vision coordinator Shri Ishwar Bhat and the primary co-ordinator , Smt Sindhu Sateesh  pinned the captains (Sinior & Junior) Vice captains(Sinior & Junior)

​​​​The House incharge teachers pinned the respective House captains and Vice captains. The elected student council members solemnly took their oaths, pledging to uphold the values and principles of the school, to serve their fellow students with integrity, and to lead by example.

The Investiture Ceremony concluded on a note of pride and optimism for the future leaders of our school. It reinforced the school's commitment to nurturing leadership qualities among students and preparing them to face the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and resilience.

The ceremony ended with a heartfelt vote of thanks extended to all those who contributed to the success of the event – the Chief Guest, dignitaries, teachers, parents, and students. Their support and presence made the event truly memorable.

International Yoga Day, celebrated annually on June 20th, promotes yoga as a holistic approach to health and well-being. This report outlines the activities and events organized at our school to commemorate this day.
The day began with a special assembly in the morning, where students, teachers, and staff gathered in the school assembly ground. A brief introduction about the significance of International Yoga Day and its global observance was given. 
To highlight the cultural significance of yoga, students presented artistic yoga.

The celebration of International Yoga Day at our was a resounding success, fostering awareness about the importance of yoga for health and well-being. Students and staff enthusiastically participated in various activities, gaining practical insights into yoga's techniques and philosophy. The event not only promoted physical fitness but also encouraged mindfulness and stress relief among participants. Such initiatives contribute significantly to the holistic development of students, aligning with our school’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.