On 3rd July 2023 ,House captains were selected . All the HOUSE LEADERS  and DEPUTY HOUSE LEADERS were selected for the four houses SAALOKYA, SAAMEEPYA,SAAROOPYA AND SAAYUJYA through School Election for the academic year 2023-24.

The sash and the badges for the leaders were pinned by our Principal Ms.Jaya J and Vision Co-ordinator Shri Ishwar Bhat. The House captains for SAALOKYA house areUJWAL M  and NISHITHA R  and vice captains arePRATHEEK C K and RAKSHA S.Similarly forSAAMEEPYA house areARYAN KHANAPUR and R V KEERTHANA  and Vice captains SHASHANK  B N  and KAVANA S For SAAROOPYA housePRITHVI L GOWDA and SANJANA G MATH,vice captainsRAVISHANKAR and YASHIKA D C  for SAAYUJYA houseMOHITH V and ANANYA N MURTHYvice captains areSILIVERI BHARATH and VARSHA B R.


Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan celebrated Sanskrit Day and the  students show cased  their talents by  performing various activities along with Rakshabandhan on 30th and 31st of August 2023. Students from class PH to 10 enthusiastically participated in different activities . Programme started with the Veda chanting by the sanskrit students, followed by drama , dance , action songs on patriotism  and on “GOOD STUDENT’S GOOD BEHAVIOUR” ,and group songs. Students spoke about the importance of the sanskrit language , in sanskrit, and conveyed about computer related words in sanskrit. All the programmes were conducted in sanskrit language itself by the students. "वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” We should be proud to be Bharateeya sand follow our tradition and culture. Rakshabandhan was celebrated by tying the Raksha sutra to the Principal , Vision Co-ordinator and teachers as well as Students. Programme concluded by vote of thanks by class 10 students.


Throughout the entire month of assembly, we celebrated Kargil Vijay Divas.
The assembly's programmes include the following:
Declamation, Speech about Kargil warriors and Song.  We took the entire assembly period on July 26th and 27th to celebrate Kargil Vijay Divas. Children in grades 6 to 10 Celebrated Kargil Vijay Divas on July 26.
Chief Guest Ms. Jaya J, Principal, and Vision Coordinator Sri Ishwar Bhat were present to officially launch the program.
Invocation, Patriotic song, group dance, soldier-related skit, and military personnel's collective experience presented as an interview. Children in grades 1 to 5 Celebrated Kargil Vijay Divas on July 27. Programme came out beautifully through skits, dances, and songs. Vote of thanks and the national anthem marked the program's conclusion.


Yoga, holistic practice originating from ancient India, has gained significant popularity worldwide due to its potential positive impact on physical and mental well-being. We, as SJVians have successfully implemented yoga in our school. We have integrated yoga into existing subjects. Our approach ensures that yoga becomes as integral part of the school day and allows for regular practice.

We SJVians, celebrated the ‘Yoga day’ on 26th June, 2023.This report aims to provide an over view of the celebration of International Yoga Day at our school. The event commenced with an opening ceremony held in the school auditorium. The ceremony included the lighting of the lamp, brief introduction about the importance of yoga, its origin and its relevance in today’s world. Our guest of honor, Ms Jaya .J and Shri. Ishwar Bhat were escorted by the NCC cadets. Our Principal Ms. Jaya J spoke about the ancient practice and its importance in her speech.

The Yoga Day Celebration witnessed active participation from students across various grade levels. It followed by a series of yoga demonstrations led by our skilled yoga teachers. Students actively participated in performing dances using various yoga poses, including Salutations to different Gods through “Vinyasa yoga”, Lotus pose and advanced asanas through proper breathing techniques.

 The Yoga Day celebration in our school was a resounding success, promoting the importance of yoga as a means of achieving physical and mental well-being. Let us all continue to embrace the practice of yoga and reap its numerous benefitsType your paragraph here.


Library day was celebrated on 19th August 2023 Saturday, mark as the 131st Birth Anniversary of Dr. S.R. Ranganathnan Father of Indian Library Science, at Sri Jnanaskhi Vidyaniketan. Chief Guests for the day was Miss Jaya J. and Shri. Ishwarbhat Vision Co-Ordinator, Principal ma’ am, Vision Co-Ordinator and HOD of Library Department Accompanied the guests with Guard of Honor by N.C.C. Cadets. The programme started with lighting of Lamp by the Chief Guests and Invocation song by Shreya V. Bharadwaj and Varshini G.K. of Class XC. We had Welcome speech by Nanditha Nagesh of Class XC. Our Principal Jaya J. address the Students and Teachers spoke about the importance of Libraries and reading of Library books. Principal ma’am and Vision Co-Ordinator Distributed 54 “VORACIOUS READERS OFSJV LIBRARY” and 64 “INQUSITIVE READERS OF SJV LIBRARY” Awards to the students of Class 1 to 10. Vision Co-Ordinator Shri. Ishwarbhat also motivated students to cultivate the Reading habit. Students of class 6 to 10 perform the various cultural programmes, among the Vedic Dance, Books Reviews and Library Skite were highlighted. We had vote of Thanks by Harshini M. of class XD. The Programme concluded with the School Song followed by National Anthem.                                                                                                 


77th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan. The celebration started at 08.00 am in the school assembly ground with a large crowd of staff , students and parents.
School Hon. Secretary, Principal and Vision coordinator were escorted by school band. Celebration began with hoisting National flag by Hon. Secretary Shri Hayagreevachar.
Students shared their views on the significance of the day. The patriotic songs by the students followed by dance awakened every one's feeling towards motherland.              
The spirit of freedom fighter was exhibited by the speech of Hon. Secretary sir. The programme concluded with vote of thanks followed by School Song.


On the 5th June 2023, our school celebrated 24th founding day as well as environment day. Programme began with the traditional lighting of the lamp by our Hon. Secretary Shri Hayagreevachar and Principal Ms.Jaya J.
Invocation song on god Ganesha was rendered by our children. Varenya of class X gave a speech on founding day of our school. Children rendered a meaningful  song on nature followed by a classical dance.
We had investiture ceremony for the academic year 2023-24.The students were given an opportunity to elect their school captains & vice captains by casting their valuable votes on 2nd Jun 2023.the elected leaders took an oath & promised to discharge their duties honestly, sincerely and to the best of their ability.
In their speeches, both Hon Secretary and Principal urged students to keep the environment clean & say no to plastics.
The programme concluded with vote of thanks and followed by school song & National Anthem.


The Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri ji was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan on 2nd October 2023. The celebration started at 8am in the school assembly ground with a large crowd of staff and students.

Our Hon.secretary and School principal were escorted by NCC cadets with school band. The Celebration began with the lighting of the lamp.
An invocation song was sung followed by  bhajans. Students gave a speech in Sanskrit and English. There was a Tribute to  Shastri Ji's life story. During the talk by the Principal, she insisted the students to read the books about Shastri ji and Gandhiji  to lead a virtuous life.
Hon. Secretary , in his speech shared about few learnings from Gandhiji and Shastriji’s life. The programme concluded with school song and national anthem 


Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan witnessed a spectacular celebration on 17 th Nov 2023 as staff and students joined forces to mark Children's Day and Kannada Rajyotsava. The school grounds buzzed with excitement as the air filled with the enchanting strains of various musical forms. The staff of SJV stole the spotlight with a heartwarming Children's Day performance, showcasing their talents. Dressed in vibrant costumes, they treated the audience to a delightful blend of classical and contemporary tunes, spreading joy and inspiration among the students. The festivities continued with students taking center stage to celebrate Kannada
Rajyotsava. Dressed in traditional attire, they showcased the cultural richness of Karnataka through captivating performances rooted in the state& musical heritage. From traditional folk beats to classical compositions, the students exhibited a remarkable display of talent and cultural pride.Type your paragraph here.



Hindi Diwas was celebrated in SJV grandly on 20th Sept 2023. Children presented unique programmes. They enacted for the theme 'Moral Values’. Children showcased the importance of Moral Values & good habits. They also enacted a dance drama on "The Effect of Social Media" which emphasised on the limited usage of social media i.e to use only when it is required & we should not become slaves of Social Media. Street play, dances, songs & skits enhanced the grandeur of the programme.

The chief guests for the day were Ms Jaya J, Principal, Shri Ishwar Bhat, and Vision Coordinator of SJV.  Principal appreciated the theme & children's performance & motivated students to restrict the usage of Social Media.

REPORT ON 21 st ANNUAL SPORTS MEET - 2023 On 02.12.2023 (SATURDAY)

SJV school celebrated its 21 st Annual Sports Meet on 02 of December 2023 with great enthusiasm and pomp. The programme started with the guard of honour to the chief guest of the day Shri Srinidhi Siddhartha, Former National Kabaddi Player, presently he is a member for selection committee of Judo, Kabaddi and Taekwondo for National Player, our Hon. Secretary Shri Hayagreevachar and
Principal Ms.Jaya J. The event started with the VIP call from the band children followed by guard of honour. The chief guest hoisted the sports flag and the school was led by the School captains Sourabh Joshi and Nanditha Nagesh and House captains along with their team mates for March Past. They were followed by NCC students and students from Bharath Scout and Guides. They
were cheered by the parents and students. The school had also organized games for parents and school alumni. The events ended with prize distribution and solemn retreat ceremony, The results for march past and other events were declared. Saameepya house won
the rolling trophy.Type your paragraph here.

Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan

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