Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan

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No one who knows Sri Jayendra Puri Swami could ever doubt that he would be a worthy successor to His Holiness Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal, who attained Mahasamadhi on January 14, 2005. Although Jayendra Puri Swami was officially nominated as the successor to the Peetha at Sri Kailash Ashram Mahasamsthana in Bangalore, India, on December 11, 2003, he has been incharge of the administration of both Tiruchi Swami's ashram and its adjoining Rajarajeshwari temple since 1993.


PRESIDENT - Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Swamiji

​​Forty-three years ago when Bangalore, the serene garden city, was not bursting at its seams with multinationals and information technology companies, a small hermitage began on the outskirts of the city.Tucked away in the quiet, remote suburbs off Mysore Road was Kailasa Ashrama Maha Samasthanam, built in 1960. In 1978 the Sri Rajarajeshwari temple was dedicated.The temple of Rajarajeshwari at Rajarajeshwarinagar in Bangalore is known for its spiritual prowess "When you pray at this temple, your prayers are answered, your troubles are alleviated " is the total belief of devotees. What a great devotee and what godly powers Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Shivarathnapuri Bhagavat, popularly known as Tiruchi Mahaswamigal, must have possessed to bring Goddess Rajarajeshwari to this place.This quiet, compassionate, unassuming savant ,an ocean of Divinity, knowledge and wisdom was also an accomplished scholar with exemplary mastery over the Vedas, Upanishads and the scriptures. Poojya Mahaswamiji was honoured with the Hindu Renaissance Award as Hindu of the Year 2003.

FOUNDERVideha Kaivalyamukta Brahmaleena His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tiruchi Maha Swamigal

Sri M Rajkumar  

Businessman,Social Worker

 #407, G Road II Phase, Ideal Homes
Township, Bangalore

Sri. S K Patil  


 #2, Crescent Road,Bangalore


 Sri Hayagreevachar 

​Auditor & Tax Practitioner

1214, Spandana 48th cross


Bangalore - 61

Sri. C Gopalan

Architect & Engineer

#508, Garuthaman Park RV Road   Bangalore

​Sri. K M Srinivasa Murthy ​
#5/25, III corss, 1st block, Jayanagar  Near Ashoka Pillar Bangalore
Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan 
Sri Jnanakshi Educational Institutions Trust

6th June, 2000 welcomed the founding of this institution, Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan. The magnificent building  as envisioned by Paramapujya Swamiji has been realised with the contribution from the devotees of Sri Kailash Ashrama Mahasamsthana Trust and Sri Rajarajeshwari Temple. The school is spread over the total area of five acres and 25 guntas. However, seventeen acres are at the disposal of our students to enjoy while learning and growing.The strength of the students is Two thousand one hundred and Fifty. The staff strength is one hundred and twelve.

By way of infrastructure our school houses well-equipped computer labs, individual labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics. We have a well-equipped library presently with about 3,000 books with more books being added each year. The vast playground provides students with ample opportunity to play many games. It is worth noting that it is one of the biggest playgrounds in Rajarajeshwarinagar which is being given out to KSCA and other institutions for cricket league matches.